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Has your group used GoZuus text messaging yet? It's free with all organization sites!
about 8 years ago via @gozuus

Tally Meeting Votes Quickly with GoZuus

Taking attendance in a meeting? GoZuus now helps you quickly tally votes. Simply call roll using GoZuus at the beginning of your meeting, then click the “Show Voting Totals” link at the bottom. You’ll be presented with a screen like this: When it comes time for a vote, you’ll know immediately how many “yea”s it [...]

about 8 years ago on our blog
GoZuus Standard: now FREE and with more features! Check out the new www.gozuus.com in partnership with @virtualchapter
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New pricing and features coming soon! Are you using GoZuus for the upcoming school year?
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Encouraging Alumni Involvement

Keeping alumni involved after they graduate can be a difficult challenge. After all, they’re busy building a career, starting a family, and may have even moved across the country. Despite the challenges, keeping alumni involved is a worthwhile goal since it offers plenty of benefits to your chapter. To keep alumni involved in your chapter, [...]

almost 9 years ago on our blog


Any college group that needs a member management system should be using GoZuus. It's a great way to keep everything and everyone organized.
YES -- calendars, balances, attendance, surveys, member info all in one place. It's honestly really helpful.
The user interface is very nice and slick. Very easy to use and logical.