Tally Meeting Votes Quickly with GoZuus

Taking attendance in a meeting? GoZuus now helps you quickly tally votes. Simply call roll using GoZuus at the beginning of your meeting, then click the “Show Voting Totals” link at the bottom. You’ll be presented with a screen like this:

When it comes time for a vote, you’ll know immediately how many “yea”s it needs to pass! In this particular example, 73 Brothers are present. To pass a vote, you’ll need 37 affirmative votes. If Associate Members are also allowed to vote on this issue, you’ll need 41 of the 81 total members present to pass the vote. Need a two-thirds majority or other ratio? Change the minimum percentage required to pass and the display will update immediately.

We hope this makes the secretary’s job easier during meetings, so everyone can finish sooner. Let us know what you think!

Encouraging Alumni Involvement

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Creating Content for Alumni Newsletters

Following up on our last post about how frequently to send out alumni newsletters, we’re going to discuss what to include in alumni newsletters. For many alumni, especially those that no longer live near your chapter, the newsletter is their only method of involvement. The decision of what to include in a newsletter is even more important considering some alumni will just glance at a few sections of the newsletter, and dismiss it entirely if the content they happen to browse isn’t something that interests them.

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Keeping Alumni Informed

Alumni are a tricky group to keep happy. Send them too many updates, and they’ll complain that you’re spamming them with information. Don’t send them enough updates, and they’ll grumble that they have no idea what’s going on in the chapter. We recommend a two part approach: short 1-2 paragraph email newsletters once a month, and a more lengthy printed newsletter once or twice a year.

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Updated: Directory Export

directory_exportWe’ve updated the directory export feature to include four output options. Group admins are now able to export complete member contact information, members’ custom profile fields, member mailing addresses, and parent mailing addresses.

The most exciting part of this new feature is exporting mailing labels. Both members mailing addresses and parent mailing addresses can be exported. There are two format types for exporting mailing addresses: CSV and PDF. CSV files can be used with Microsoft Word or another word processor for a mail merge. PDF files are formatted to print on Avery 5160 or 8160 address labels. Sending out printed newsletters just got a whole lot easier!

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New Feature: Custom Profile Fields

custom-profile-editTwo weeks ago, we replaced the profile editor with one which we hoped would be easier for your members to understand. At the time, we mentioned that part of our motivation was to provide a few additional improvements. Today we’re excited to present the first of those updates.

Several groups asked for the capability to collect information specific to their group on users’ profiles. Some wanted to record big sisters, initiation scroll numbers, or just general hobbies and interests. Alumni asked if we could include information about their spouses and/or children on the site. Since this data varies from group to group, we wanted to allow organizations to pick what sorts of additional questions would be added.

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Updated: New Profile Editor

profile-screenshotWe just updated the profile editor this past week. There were a growing number of problems with the old one, and we wanted to lay the groundwork for a few additional features we’re planning.

I started off by making a list of what we didn’t like:
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Using Filters to Reduce Inbox Clutter

Student organizations send out plenty of emails. Some are extremely important, and others aren’t worth the space in your inbox. Using filters in your email program is an effective strategy to make sure only important emails end up in your inbox.
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Parent Email Lists for Strong Parent Relations

Having support from parents is important to any college student, and having a strong parent relations program is important to any greek organization. There are plenty of reasons your fraternity or sorority should put in the effort to develop a parents relations program. For one, many parents are uneasy about their child joining a greek organization, and describing the benefits of going greek can greatly ease family tension for these members. Furthermore, parents are generally happy to contribute to your group. Sometimes its a financial contribution to a new house, other times its sending brownies for rush or finals week. Regardless of the situation, its worth it to be on good terms with the parents.
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Managing Inbox Clutter using Multiple Email Lists

When’s the last time you’ve heard about someone missing a meeting because they didn’t get the email? In many student organizations, it’s a common problem. Some large college groups send out more than 50 emails a day, so its easy for the important messages to get lost in the clutter.

Because so many emails are being sent every day, it’s important for large student organizations to use multiple email lists. Using multiple email lists offers many benefits:

  1. Emails are grouped according to their subject, allowing for easy filtering.
  2. Members can pick what topics they’re interested in.
  3. Fewer unwanted messages make the important ones more likely to get read.

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