Tally Meeting Votes Quickly with GoZuus

Taking attendance in a meeting? GoZuus now helps you quickly tally votes. Simply call roll using GoZuus at the beginning of your meeting, then click the “Show Voting Totals” link at the bottom. You’ll be presented with a screen like this:

When it comes time for a vote, you’ll know immediately how many “yea”s it needs to pass! In this particular example, 73 Brothers are present. To pass a vote, you’ll need 37 affirmative votes. If Associate Members are also allowed to vote on this issue, you’ll need 41 of the 81 total members present to pass the vote. Need a two-thirds majority or other ratio? Change the minimum percentage required to pass and the display will update immediately.

We hope this makes the secretary’s job easier during meetings, so everyone can finish sooner. Let us know what you think!

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