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Encouraging Alumni Involvement

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Creating Content for Alumni Newsletters

Following up on our last post about how frequently to send out alumni newsletters, we’re going to discuss what to include in alumni newsletters. For many alumni, especially those that no longer live near your chapter, the newsletter is their only method of involvement. The decision of what to include in a newsletter is even more important considering some alumni will just glance at a few sections of the newsletter, and dismiss it entirely if the content they happen to browse isn’t something that interests them.

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Keeping Alumni Informed

Alumni are a tricky group to keep happy. Send them too many updates, and they’ll complain that you’re spamming them with information. Don’t send them enough updates, and they’ll grumble that they have no idea what’s going on in the chapter. We recommend a two part approach: short 1-2 paragraph email newsletters once a month, and a more lengthy printed newsletter once or twice a year.

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Using Filters to Reduce Inbox Clutter

Student organizations send out plenty of emails. Some are extremely important, and others aren’t worth the space in your inbox. Using filters in your email program is an effective strategy to make sure only important emails end up in your inbox.

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Parent Email Lists for Strong Parent Relations

Having support from parents is important to any college student, and having a strong parent relations program is important to any greek organization. There are plenty of reasons your fraternity or sorority should put in the effort to develop a parents relations program. For one, many parents are uneasy about their child joining a greek organization, and describing the benefits of going greek can greatly ease family tension for these members. Furthermore, parents are generally happy to contribute to your group. Sometimes its a financial contribution to a new house, other times its sending brownies for rush or finals week. Regardless of the situation, its worth it to be on good terms with the parents.

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Managing Inbox Clutter using Multiple Email Lists