This is your account.

Each member gets their own GoZuus account. This lets them log in to the site, manage their profile, and perform other actions.

The account you're about to create belongs to you and you alone, and you'll take it with you even after you're no longer an active member.

What about an account for the president?

You don't need one. Once you log in, you'll be able to assign admin privileges to specific members. You'll hand down control each year by assigning admin privileges to the new leaders.

But we already have!

Not paying attention, eh? This is your account, not the president's account. In fact, we'll automatically create an e-mail account for that forwards to the current president. When a new president is assigned, it'll automatically update. That means you won't need to hand down passwords each year, and the president won't need to check two separate inboxes.

Most groups quit using that old GMail account pretty quickly.

But I'm the secretary!

Ugh. Re-read the above, replacing the word "president" with "secretary" each time you come across it.