Go ahead, take a peek.

Communication tools like never before.

GoZuus isn't just a website.  It's an e-mail-filtering, newsletter-generating, text-message-blasting communication machine.  We'll keep your members, parents, and alumni in the loop without overcrowding their inboxes.  And we'll make you look good while doing it.

Multiple e-mail lists

Clean up your inbox by dividing group messages into topic-specific lists. Keep one for group announcements, one for just the exec committee, and one for your intramural volleyball team. With fewer unwanted messages, the important ones are more likely to get read.

Broadcast text messages

Deliver urgent messages directly to members' mobile phones. (You can restrict sending to specific members, and members can always opt-out.)

Beautiful e-mail newsletters

GoZuus newsletters are so easy to create, you might actually send one for once! Just upload a photo, select a template, and add a quick paragraph of text. They're short, so you won't have to harass members to write articles. No fiddling with a clunky word processor, and no printing, labeling, stamping, or mailing. You'll be impressing parents and alumni in no time!